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Reframing Systemic Change in Healthcare

Enhancing patient-centered care for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in healthcare by addressing systemic barriers and implementing actionable strategies.

Explore systemic barriers encountered by Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in healthcare settings, learn techniques to improve communication with healthcare professionals, and discover actionable steps for healthcare organizations to enhance patient experience and care continuum.


  1. Recognize and analyze at least three systemic barriers faced by Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in healthcare settings, including communication, accessibility, and cultural factors.
  2. Employ a minimum of three techniques to effectively mitigate common issues that may arise in interactions between Deaf individuals and healthcare professionals/administrators, such as utilizing visual aids, employing sign language interpreters, and promoting inclusive communication strategies.
  3. Develop and propose a minimum of three actionable steps that healthcare organizations can implement to enhance the patient experience and ensure continuity of care for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, including the provision of accessible information, staff training, and the use of assistive technologies.

Duration: 30 minutes

Content Knowledge Level:

  • Novice: Limited knowledge or experience in the subject matter.
  • Beginner: Basic understanding and familiarity with the foundational concepts.

Target Audience:

  • Professional Studies (PS): Content directly applicable or impactful to healthcare professionals, interpreters, and transliterators.
  • General Studies (GS): Topics that broaden the general or global knowledge base of healthcare professionals, interpreters, and transliterators. 

Disability Statement:
ASL interpreters and live Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) provided by A5 Interpreting. 

If you have a disability that may require some accommodation in order to participate in a Bridges Oregon activity, please notify the Bridges Oregon at (971) 202-1500 or [email protected] at least 3 full business days in advance.

Diversity Statement:
Bridges Oregon is providing this workshop as an opportunity for safe, respectful learning and will not permit harassment, discrimination or horizontal violence based on another's comments, questions, schema, race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or any other protected class.

Refund Policy:
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