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Corey Axelrod founded 2axend in 2017 after observing the challenges his father, Rick Axelrod, faced when advocating as a Deaf individual for his right to quality communication access in healthcare during his tumultuous battle with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable cancer of the bone marrow.

As a member of a multigenerational Deaf family, Corey has been long exposed to the various systemic barriers impacting his family and the greater Deaf and hard of hearing community. Corey is committed to eliminating these barriers and guiding organizations to create equitable experiences for his community.


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What People Are Saying:

"A very nice presentation, as a hard of hearing person, who grew up (until age 20) in a hearing environment I found the suggestions and stories to match my experiences and felt affirmed by the shared common experience. Thank you, Chelle & Bridges for this opportunity!

Melissa Irving

A Deaf community member

"There can be many deaf folks who have medical issues and are provided interpreters BUT the interpreters are limited in their roles. Sometimes they need to have someone sit down with them to make sure they really understood what the doctors are saying.


A Deaf community member

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend the webinar yesterday, what great information! I want to be sure our provider network gets the information and strategies that Chelle Wyatt taught" 

Riah Safady

Director Health Equity @ AllCare Health

*Deaf – Bridges Oregon has adopted with minor adaptations, the definition of ‘Deaf’ that is used by the National Deaf Center (NDC). Bridges Oregon is using the term deaf in an all-inclusive manner, to include people who may identify as D/deaf, DeafBlind, deaf-blind, deaf with additional disabilities, hard of hearing, late-deafened, and/or persons with unilateral/bilateral hearing loss. Bridges Oregon recognizes that for many individuals, identity is fluid and can change over time or with setting. Bridges Oregon has chosen to use one term, Deaf, with the goal of recognizing experiences that are shared by all members of our diverse communities while also honoring all of our differences. Source:

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